Kehau Bishaw, Class Representative

Remembering our Reunion:

PTB73 Wins "Most Original" at Talent Night!

Wow!  Huge kudos to Hedwig Nako'olani Warrington and David Kauahikaua for creating a fabulous and fun Talent Night program for the Class of 73!  We are really getting sophisticated, gang ! (I know, I know, better late than never.)  Click on the links below for a pdf of the lyrics and score, and mp3 recording to listen and sing along to, and some creative notes from Nako'o on the genesis of our award winning (about time!) entry for Alumni Week 2013 Talent Night!

Da Medley 73.pdf (118854)
DaMedley73.mp3 (5254144)
Short Synopsis - Join in the Talent Night Fun!.doc (894976)





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